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Is the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group?

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist movement that has long held a disputed position in Middle Eastern politics, is now a focus of controversy in the United States.

Tomb of Jesus Is Restored In Jerusalem

A restoration team Monday announced the completion of a historic renovation of one of Christianity’s holiest sites — the shrine that, according to tradition, houses the tomb of Jesus.

Blind Christian Woman Refuses ISIS’ Demands to Convert to Islam and Lives to Tell About It

A blind Christian woman who was trapped under Islamic State control in Mosul for over two years before she was finally able to escape has opened up about how she…

Facing Islam’s Inconsistent Embrace of Women

“Sister, where are your socks?” one of the women I was sitting with demanded. “Don’t you know you have to cover your feet?”

The Muslim Who Is Saving Christians In the Middle East

Amid ongoing chaos in Iraq and Syria, a Muslim woman is taking a leading role with a prominent Christian charity, helping to feed and clothe displaced Christians around Iraq —…

Controversial Film on Islam’s Origins Is Now Classic

In 1962, a Syrian-born Hollywood filmmaker named Moustapha Akkad watched the epic film Lawrence of Arabia, directed by David Lean. Akkad was riveted as he watched a scene in which…

The Right Way to Think About Religion and ISIS

The debate over Islam’s role echoes earlier arguments about ideology in human affairs. In his Atlantic article on “What ISIS Really Wants” last March, Graeme Wood insisted that “the Islamic…

Thousands Celebrate Eid In Birmingham

Organisers delighted with turnout for largest event of its kind in Europe, but among crowd there is also some anxiety At the lost children’s tent in Small Heath park in…

After Attacks on Muslims, Where Is the Outpouring?

In recent days, jihadists killed 41 people at Istanbul’s bustling, shiny airport; 22 at a cafe in Bangladesh; and at least 250 celebrating the final days of Ramadan in Baghdad….

Medina Bombing Is an Assault on Islam Itself

Medina is a city eclipsed only by Mecca in the Muslim’s sacred imagination.