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Video: The $1.2 Trillion Economic Impact of U. S. Religion

There’s a growing belief that religion doesn’t contribute to American society, but the numbers don’t support it. Religion in the United States today contributes a combined $1.2 trillion to our…

Christians Unite Against Predatory Lending

In 1996, Derek Drewery was a young man stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio when he ran into money problems.

For Churches, Stained Glass Is About to Get More Expensive

They were meant to hold images of the Eucharist, an elaborately decorated cross and St. Stephen clasping his hands in prayer as he readies himself to be stoned to death.

Michigan Bank Discovers Need For Islamic Finance

Some interpretations of Islam outlaw charging interest. That makes most banking pretty hard, but there are ways to practice Islamic compliant finance. One bank in Michigan gave it a go.

10 Tax Facts IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know

This is shaping up to be a tough year for the Internal Revenue Service…and, potentially, for taxpayers. Not only is the agency hobbled by budget cuts, but it faces more…

Stocks Up for 3rd Straight Day

Stocks ended higher Wednesday as traders were encouraged by reports that the European Central Bank was poised to unveil further stimulus measures.

Former Oil Executive says $5-a-Gallon Gas on the Way

John Hofmeister attracted national attention in 2010 when he predicted that average U.S. gasoline prices would soar to $5 a gallon in 2012, thanks to rising crude oil prices. His…

Stocks Up, S&P Eyes Record

Stocks are mostly higher Monday, with the S&P 500 within striking distance of all-time closing high in the wake of a disappointing housing report.