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National Prayer Breakfast: What Does Its History Reveal?

On the morning of Feb. 2, more than 3,500 political leaders, military chiefs and corporate moguls met for eggs, sausage, muffins – and prayer. The Washington, D.C. gathering, the 65th…

What Trump’s Choice of Inauguration Prayer Leaders Means

The six faith leaders President-elect Donald Trump has invited to pray at his inauguration come from diverse backgrounds, but they have something in common: All have personal ties to Trump…

Faith Leaders Condemn Religious Liberty Report

A diverse group of religious leaders, including the chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ ad hoc committee on religious liberty and the presiding bishop of The Church…

The US Report on Global Religious Freedom

The Obama administration is highlighting concerns over laws against blasphemy and apostasy that limit religious freedom in Muslim and other nations where they are on the books.

Greece Eyes More Space Between Orthodox Church and State

Greece on Monday unveiled plans to revise its constitution, formally proposing a clearer distinction between the state and the powerful Orthodox Church, changes in how the president is elected and…

The Next Religious Liberty Battle: Tire Rubber

A group devoted to enforcing the separation of church and state is warning that an upcoming Supreme Court battle could “undermine core tenets of religious liberty.”

What Brexit Could Have Learned From the Pope

In a seismic Referendum, the United Kingdom has voted 52-48 per cent to leave the European Union. As an exercise in discerning solutions and building consensus, it was a disaster….

Catholic Church Leaders React to Supreme Court Tie on DAPA/DACA

Catholic leaders from around the country were expressing disappointment today in response to a Supreme Court tie vote that effectively terminates Obama administration initiatives on immigration that shielded millions from…