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My Brother’s Keeper: The Ethics of Health Care Explained

To invoke an enduring biblical question: Are we our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers?

Desmond Tutu Calls for Right to Assisted Death

Desmond Tutu, South Africa’s former Anglican archbishop and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, recently celebrated his 85th birthday with an interesting message: He wants the option of an assisted death.

Scientists Investigate the Healing Potential of Faith

Many believe that science and religion are at odds, but some scientists have come to the conclusion that the two may complement each other in specific situations. Mike Pauletich (right) might agree with…

How Religion Changes the Assisted Suicide Debate

Nearly 50 years ago, Lucy Bregman volunteered for two weeks in a residential mental hospital for the severely disabled, caring for people who didn’t have the physical or social capabilities…

Desmond Tutu Backs Right to Assisted Death

Terminally ill people ‘should have right to choose a dignified assisted death’, writes archbishop on his 85th birthday

When “Religious Freedom” Leaves Children Dead

Many states don’t consider it “abuse” to rely on faith healings when kids get sick. Why isn’t this a bigger issue?

Theological Reflections on Dementia

My journey into theology has been an interesting one. For many years of my life I worked alongside people to whom contemporary theology and practice often struggle to understand and…

Church Attendance Linked to Reduced Suicide Risk

Against a grim backdrop of rising suicide rates among American women, new research has revealed a blinding shaft of light: One group of women — practicing Catholics — appears to have bucked the…

Even Christian Pharmacists Have to Stock Plan B

The Supreme Court declined to hear a major religious-freedom case on Tuesday, showing how much things have changed since Hobby Lobby.

The Vatican’s Search for Cancer’s Miracle Cure

Late last month, a number of the leading cancer researchers in the world assembled at the Vatican for its third conference in regenerative medicine. The event, titled “Cellular Horizons,” focused…