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Pictures: A Feast of Spectacular Color as Hindus Celebrate Holi

Millions in the Indian subcontinent celebrate the Hindu festival with fervour.

Trump’s Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim Power Brokers

When Indian-American industrialist Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar donated close to a million dollars to the Trump campaign, many in the community dismissed it as a poor investment.

Russian Yoga Teacher Arrested Under New Law

Yogi accused of illegal missionary activity after giving philosophy talk at festival amid clampdown on ‘non-traditional’ religion

Study: The U.S. Attracts an Elite Muslim and Hindu Population

Hindus and Muslims who have migrated to the United States in recent years are especially well-educated, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center. On average, Hindus in…

America’s Hare Krishna Movement Is a Testament to Adaptability

On a recent Saturday evening, dozens of residents trickled into a converted school in Salt Lake City, Utah for their weekly devotions. Many wore traditional Hindu garb but some were…

Hindus, Catholics Meet In Nation’s Capital

A step forward in the encounter of two great religious traditions Religion is much in the news these days, with the bad and the tragic gaining most of the attention….

A Reminder of the True Meaning of Hinduism

The institution of the Constitution of India has rightly been hailed as a transformative moment in our nation’s history, for it marked a radical departure from the inequities and hierarchies…

The Ganges: India’s Dying Mother

The Ganges is one of the greatest rivers on Earth, but it is dying.From the icy Himalayan peaks, where it begins, right down to the Bay of Bengal, it is…

Why Are Indian Muslims Seen as Untouchable?

Untouchability is worse than slavery, said Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, one of India’s greatest statesmen and the undisputed leader of the country’s Dalits.

Christians in India Gather to Pray on 7th Anniversary of Hindu Attack That Killed 100 Christians

Christians in India gathered to pray for the 100 Christians who were killed by Hindu extremists seven years ago.