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Blind Christian Woman Refuses ISIS’ Demands to Convert to Islam and Lives to Tell About It

A blind Christian woman who was trapped under Islamic State control in Mosul for over two years before she was finally able to escape has opened up about how she…

The Two Fears Muslims Face After NY Imam’s Killing

On Saturday afternoon, Maulama Akonjee, a 55-year-old old imam and Thara Uddin, 64, his assistant imam, were shot in the head and killed outside of the mosque that they serve…

In Egypt, Christian Grandmother’s Attack Fuels Anger

Soad Thabet’s house no longer has a door. Inside, its walls are blackened with soot and a television lies shattered on the floor. The remains of a red nightgown stand…

Ayatollah’s Daughter Causes Persecution Debate

A house visit by a daughter of a prominent ayatollah to a female leader of the persecuted Bahai religious minority touched off a debate this week in Iran about the…

Decapitated Churches In China’s Christian Heartland

Along the valleys and mountains hugging the East China Sea, a Chinese government campaign to remove crosses from church spires has left the countryside looking as if a typhoon had…

Christians in India Gather to Pray on 7th Anniversary of Hindu Attack That Killed 100 Christians

Christians in India gathered to pray for the 100 Christians who were killed by Hindu extremists seven years ago.

Why Did ISIS Release 19 Christians in Syria?

Igniting a live man in a cage; severing the heads of dozens; kidnapping, raping and selling women and children — ISIS’ shocking maltreatment of its captives has become regrettably predictable.

ISIS Reportedly Kills 15 Kidnapped Christians; Another 300 Remain in Captivity

ISIS has reportedly murdered 15 of the Assyrian Christians it captured earlier this week.