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Sikhs In the US: America Is Our Home and We Are Here to Stay

Over a century ago, in a Washington town called Bellingham, a xenophobic mob attacked a community of recent immigrants from India. Most of the victims were Sikhs.

The Long Road to Religious Freedom for Sikhs In the Army

Lt. Col. Kamal Singh Kalsi gave more than 1,000 interviews in eight years as part of his fight to help Sikh soldiers stay true to their faith while serving the…

Sikhs Open Their Temple Doors to California Evacuees

Each morning before the break of dawn, Nirmal Singh makes his way to a small stage at the Shri Guru Ravidass Temple adorned with roses and silk. There, the priest sits…

Trump’s Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim Power Brokers

When Indian-American industrialist Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar donated close to a million dollars to the Trump campaign, many in the community dismissed it as a poor investment.

NYPD to Allow Muslim and Sikh Officers to Wear Turbans, Beards for Religious Reasons

Islamic advocacy organizations are praising a new decision by the New York Police Department to allow Muslims to wear beards and Sikhs to wear beards and turbans with their uniforms for…

Sikh Army Captain Won Right to Have Beard and Turban

As the sun rises over Fort Belvoir Army base in Virginia, officers of the 249th engineer battalion play a friendly game of football Frisbee.

American Sikh Leaders Push for Military to Loosen Restrictions on Dress Code

American Sikh leaders, disappointed that new Pentagon dress code requirements released on Wednesday do not go as far as the Sikhs would like, are turning to Congress to increase the…

Flying While Sikh? There’s an App for That

The Sikh Coalition is updating a mobile app that allows travelers to report complaints about the Transportation Security Administration from the airport.

Beaten Sikh Professor Wants to Educate His Attackers In Possible Hate Crime

Prabhjot Singh’s jaw was broken by roughly two dozen assailants yelling ‘Osama’ and ‘terrorist’ on Saturday night at W. 110th St. and Lenox Ave.