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Printing the Ancient Way Keeps These Buddhist Texts Alive

The dozen or so Tibetan men wearing aprons sat in pairs in low chairs, facing each other. Each pair bent over a thin rectangular wooden block and worked by sunlight…

Tomb of Jesus Is Restored In Jerusalem

A restoration team Monday announced the completion of a historic renovation of one of Christianity’s holiest sites — the shrine that, according to tradition, houses the tomb of Jesus.

Europe’s Highest Court Rules Ban on Islamic Headscarf In the Workplace Is Legal

Europe’s highest court ruled Tuesday that employers are allowed to ban workers from wearing visible political or religious symbols including Islamic headscarves.

Pictures: A Feast of Spectacular Color as Hindus Celebrate Holi

Millions in the Indian subcontinent celebrate the Hindu festival with fervour.

Blind Christian Woman Refuses ISIS’ Demands to Convert to Islam and Lives to Tell About It

A blind Christian woman who was trapped under Islamic State control in Mosul for over two years before she was finally able to escape has opened up about how she…

Why Pope Francis Is In No Rush to Visit His Homeland

The Polish pope, St. John Paul II, made nine visits to his country of birth, the first in 1979, less than a year after his election.

Reza Aslan Might Make a “Believer” Out of You

Maybe it was the moment the nearly naked, ash-smeared guru asked Reza Aslan, the religion scholar and best-selling author, to eat a piece of human brain.

Sistine Chapel Gets Full Digital Treatment for Restorations

The last time the entire Sistine Chapel was photographed for posterity, digital photography was in its infancy and words like pixels were bandied about mostly by computer nerds and NASA…

Vatican Stakes Out Rights to Pope Francis’ Image

God’s love may be free, but the Vatican says it has a copyright on the pope.

Pope Francis: It’s Better to Be an Atheist Than a Bad Christian

If you’re a Christian who exploits people, leads a double life or manages a “dirty” business, perhaps it’s better not to call yourself a believer, Pope Francis suggested in a…