“Futile” – Coptic Christians Withdraw From Egyptian Constitution Committee

Egypt’s Coptic Church withdrew Monday from an Islamist-dominated committee to draft the nation’s new constitution and a leading Christian figure said the minority was never really represented to begin with.

Military Nonbelievers’ Event Shows There Are Atheists In Foxholes

An atheist-themed festival drew hundreds of people to an Army post in North Carolina on Saturday for what was believed to be the first-ever event held on a U.S. military…

Republicans Rally Against ‘War On Religious Freedom’

Life has gone from bad to worse since Donna Sturdivant’s husband was laid off four years ago and now she feels that the thing which brings her the most comfort…

Tennessee Mom Faces Jail for Baptizing Her Two Children Without Husband’s Consent

Lauren Jarrell violated court order stating Emmett Blake Jarrell must be consulted regarding religious upbringing

Why We Love to Lose Ourselves In Religion

What’s an atheist scientist like me doing writing good things about religion? I didn’t start out this way. As a teenager, I had contempt for religion. I was raised Jewish,…

The Religious and Political Overtones of Hunger Games

Christians often see religious and political agendas behind every Hollywood production–and often with good cause. “The Hunger Games” is no exception. Suzanne Collins’ successful series of three novels with the…

Pope Gets Wish For Good Friday To Be Cuban Holiday

Cuba has declared next week’s Good Friday as a holiday in recognition of a request by Pope Benedict and his “transcendental visit” to the island, state media said on Saturday.

When Christians Go To College – A Review Of ‘Blue Like Jazz’

Blue Like Jazz follows one man’s meaningful search for God but struggles to clearly show the Way

The Pope’s Visit To Havana Draws Ire Of Cuban-American Hardliners

Let the controversy begin. Pope Benedict XVI’s three-day visit to Havana, Cuba this week is already drawing scathing criticism from Cuban-American hardliners.

Mary Mary Debuts Reality Show On WEtv

If you thought a Mary Mary reality show would focus on gospel songs and Bible study, think again.