Fake Love, Fake Gospel, and Fake Preachers are Killing America

Why does it seem like much of America respects Islam’s evil agenda and the LBGTQ agenda but does not respect the church’s righteousness? Could it be that we’ve not been…

My Brother’s Keeper: The Ethics of Health Care Explained

To invoke an enduring biblical question: Are we our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers?

‘I’ve Never Seen It Like This’: Conservatives In Hollywood Speak Out About Bias

Some conservatives who work in the entertainment industry say that their political leanings have become a career liability.

March Mildness? Americans Say Sports Isn’t All About Winning

Thanks to wild buzzer beaters and unbelievable upsets, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament has become known as March Madness. For most Americans, however, their attitude toward sports is more mild…

What This Campus Has Done Is Beyond Stupid

This is not fake news. What you’re about to read really happened—and at a college campus at that. Yes, “Administrators at Carleton University have removed the bathroom scales from the…

Europe’s Highest Court Rules Ban on Islamic Headscarf In the Workplace Is Legal

Europe’s highest court ruled Tuesday that employers are allowed to ban workers from wearing visible political or religious symbols including Islamic headscarves.

Religious Communities Continue the Tradition of Sanctuary

As the Trump administration cracks down on undocumented immigration, religious communities across the country are responding by preparing to shelter people at risk of deportation.