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Pew Research Center Survey: Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Major Religious Groups, Evangelicals Excepted

Jews, Catholics continue to receive warmest ratings, atheists and Muslims move from cool to neutral On the heels of a contentious election year in which partisan politics increasingly divided Americans,…

Religious Leaders Respond to the Election Results

Some celebrated and congratulated the victor. Some prayed and called for unity. But it was clear early on that evangelical Christians were key to Donald Trump’s stunning upset in the 2016…

Muslims Surpass Atheists as Most Unpopular In U. S.

Maybe atheists should just embrace it as a slogan: “Atheists: The group Americans love to hate.”

Evolution and the “Scopes Monkey Trial” Home Today

In 1925, two of America’s most renowned figures faced off in the southeast Tennessee town of Dayton to debate a burning issue — whether man evolved over millions of years…

The Divided Soul of the Democratic Party

To judge by public perceptions, and more than a few pundits, the Democratic Party is the default home of secularists and atheists, with practicing believers shunted to a side room…

Can You Be Religious Without Knowing It?

When the Pope questioned whether people like Donald Trump who build walls are actually Christian, the candidate snapped back that no one gets to question his religion. Not even the world’s…

Satanists Infiltrate Abuse Conference In Oakland

In May, a group of Satanists infiltrated a conference for people who believe they’re the victims of a Satanic conspiracy.

Atheists Gather In DC for “Reason Rally”

Thousands of atheists turned out Saturday on a muggy Washington day to take part in “Reason Rally,” dedicated to boosting the political power of the growing number of non-religious Americans.

Anglicans Lean Pro-Brexit, While Atheists Favor EU

Though rarely invoked in British politics, religious belief does present correlation with Britons’ positions on whether to stay in the European Union.