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My Brother’s Keeper: The Ethics of Health Care Explained

To invoke an enduring biblical question: Are we our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers?

Is There a Christian Double Standard on Religious Violence?

Nearly 80 percent of Christians don’t think a terrorist acting in the name of Christianity is Christian. But more than half say terrorists acting in the name of Islam are…

Pope Francis: It’s Better to Be an Atheist Than a Bad Christian

If you’re a Christian who exploits people, leads a double life or manages a “dirty” business, perhaps it’s better not to call yourself a believer, Pope Francis suggested in a…

Exhortation to Ministers of the Gospel: Speak Christian

Stanley Hauerwas is Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law at Duke University. God knows what possesses anyone to enter the ministry in our day.

The Greatest Myths About Science and Religion

Ronald Numbers grew up as the son of a fundamentalist Seventh-day Adventist minister, attending Adventist schools and being taught young-earth creationism until adulthood, where he lost his faith and became…

At the Women’s March, the Religious Left Resists Trump

Their signs spoke of support for abortion rights, immigrants, Black Lives Matter and science — and of their disgust with newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.

Fewer Americans are Practicing Religion

Americans have less faith in organized religion than they did nearly a decade ago, a new study shows.

Christmas and Hanukkah, Together Again

It happens every year. Interfaith families face the “the December dilemma” over how they will handle Christmas and Hanukkah, which generally fall within the same month. It has become a…

Religious Freedom Empowers Women

Pwint Phyu Latt is a Muslim peace activist in Burma who sought to promote interfaith relations with Buddhists, the nation’s religious majority. She was sentenced this year to two years…

Growing Up Religious Won’t Make You Selfish

Last year the journal Current Biology published a study claiming religion makes kids stingy. While parents in religious homes said their children were angels, researchers decided the opposite was true.