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Neil Gorsuch’s ‘Complicated’ Religion

Earlier this month, the Trump administration summoned two dozen religious leaders to a private meeting. The mission: to rally support for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

America’s Empty Church Problem

The culture war over religious morality has faded; in its place is something much worse. Over the past decade, pollsters charted something remarkable: Americans—long known for their piety—were fleeing organized…

Christian ‘American Idol’ Alum La’Porsha Renae Says It’s a Choice To Be Gay

American Idol alum, La’Porsha Renae pulled the “I’m not homophobic, but…” card this week, with some comments on the LGBTQ lifestyle. After denying that she was homophobic, the singer went…

Actor Sam Worthington Says “The Shack” Helped Him Understand His Relationship With God

“The Shack” hit theaters this weekend and actor Sam Worthington, the star of the film says he believes he was led to do “The Shack” to strengthen his own faith…

Reza Aslan Might Make a “Believer” Out of You

Maybe it was the moment the nearly naked, ash-smeared guru asked Reza Aslan, the religion scholar and best-selling author, to eat a piece of human brain.

Vatican Stakes Out Rights to Pope Francis’ Image

God’s love may be free, but the Vatican says it has a copyright on the pope.

Exhortation to Ministers of the Gospel: Speak Christian

Stanley Hauerwas is Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law at Duke University. God knows what possesses anyone to enter the ministry in our day.

God Blesses Super Bowl Athletes, Not Their Teams

How evangelicals and others see God’s providence in The Big Game vs. Trump’s election. Is the God who reigns over Election Day also in charge of Super Bowl Sunday?

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Christianity?

Are you there, God? It’s I, robot. In his relatively short tenure, Pope Francis has been hard at work welcoming spiritual seekers into the Catholic Church. He’s refused to judge…