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Do Mormon Women Have More Cosmetic Surgery?

In 2015 Time magazine ran a story by Jon Birger called “What Two Religions Tell Us About the Modern Dating Crisis,” arguing that a widening gender lopsidedness among men and…

Pew Research Center Survey: Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Major Religious Groups, Evangelicals Excepted

Jews, Catholics continue to receive warmest ratings, atheists and Muslims move from cool to neutral On the heels of a contentious election year in which partisan politics increasingly divided Americans,…

How the Mormons Plan a City for 500,000 In Florida

The Mormon church owns vast tracts of US land, and now envisages a huge new city on its Deseret Ranch – but at what cost?

Mormon Growth Slowing In U.S.

In 2016, Mormonism saw steady — and occasionally impressive — congregational growth in Africa, Asia, Central America and Oceania, but a slowdown in new U.S. wards and branches, stagnant membership…

Did Religion Shape the Very Structure of Our Brains?

Religion and neuroscience are not an obvious pairing. But earlier this week, a study published in Social Neuroscience demonstrated that spiritual feelings activate the neurological reward systems of devout Mormons….

The Story Behind the Leaked Mormon Videos

Even former Mormon Ryan McKnight, who said he posted for all the world to see the buzzed-about videos of top-level LDS Church briefings, does not view them as particularly damning.

Missionaries Struggle Under Russia’s New Law

The Mormon church reassigned 65 missionaries who were called to serve in Russia, and is renaming others “volunteers” who will focus on community service rather than converting new members, in…

A New Mormon Temple Rises In Philadelphia

The world’s newest Mormon temple, in the heart of Philadelphia, aims to embrace and shut out the city at the same time.