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The Long Road to Religious Freedom for Sikhs In the Army

Lt. Col. Kamal Singh Kalsi gave more than 1,000 interviews in eight years as part of his fight to help Sikh soldiers stay true to their faith while serving the…

Evangelical Christians Reject Compromise on Homosexual Rights

Compromises designed to safeguard both religious freedoms and LGBT rights won’t fly among many of America’s most influential conservative Christians.

New Film Tells Story of the “Resilience” of Persecuted Christians

“What is remarkable about persecuted Christians is their resilience. They are not just victims. Understanding this is the key to being in solidarity with them,” said Daniel Philpott, a political…

Faith Leaders Condemn Religious Liberty Report

A diverse group of religious leaders, including the chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ ad hoc committee on religious liberty and the presiding bishop of The Church…

Missionaries Struggle Under Russia’s New Law

The Mormon church reassigned 65 missionaries who were called to serve in Russia, and is renaming others “volunteers” who will focus on community service rather than converting new members, in…

Why Is Religious Repression Rising?

Seventh-day Adventist scholars in partnership with an international body of specialists are studying what they call a disturbing paradox: while the principle of religious freedom has gained a strong foothold…

The US Report on Global Religious Freedom

The Obama administration is highlighting concerns over laws against blasphemy and apostasy that limit religious freedom in Muslim and other nations where they are on the books.

Supreme Court May Be Converting on Religion

The Supreme Court’s defense of religious freedom may be on the decline.