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Do Mormon Women Have More Cosmetic Surgery?

In 2015 Time magazine ran a story by Jon Birger called “What Two Religions Tell Us About the Modern Dating Crisis,” arguing that a widening gender lopsidedness among men and…

Nike Will Launch “Pro Hijab” for Muslim Female Athletes

Following its successful “What Will They Say About You Campaign” and Nike+ Training Club App in Arabic, Nike has revealed its next-level plans to make global sports more inclusive for women…

At the Women’s March, the Religious Left Resists Trump

Their signs spoke of support for abortion rights, immigrants, Black Lives Matter and science — and of their disgust with newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.

The History Behind France’s “Burkini” Bans

There is something inherently head-spinning about the so-called burkini bans that are popping up in coastal France. The obviousness of the contradiction — imposing rules on what women can wear…

Mormon Women Fear Eternal Polygamy, Study Shows

When Carol Lynn Pearson was sixteen years old, she heard her seminary teacher bear his testimony, articulating cherished beliefs that, for him, involved polygamy.

A Women-Led Orthodox Jewish Prayer Group

The doors are open to everyone at Shabbat services held on the ground floor of this Nostrand Avenue building in Brooklyn.

Posters Protest Catholic Female Priest Ban

Pictures of women serving illicitly as priests will be plastered across city as part of campaign against Vatican decree

The Nuns Who Charted the Stars

At the Vatican Observatory, these women were part of a global attempt to map the night sky.

Pope Francis Considers Ordaining Women as Deacons

In an opening with historic import, Pope Francis has said he wants to study the possibility of ordaining women as deacons, a step that could for the first time open…

Why Are Women More Religious Than Men?

The much-debated question of whether women are more religious than men is the focus of Pew Research Center’s recently released report “The Gender Gap in Religion Around the World.” The…